Regional Sections Congress 2017 Coordinators

Region 01

Charles Rubenstein

Region  02

Joe Kalasky

Region  03

Sean A.R. Haynes 

Region 04

Praveen Kumar

Region  05

John Reinert

Region  06

Elizabeth Johnston

Region 07

Ashfaq (Kash) Husain

Region  08

Marko Delimar

Region  09

Norberto Lerendegui

Region  10

Stefan Mozar
Sections Congress 2017 Committee

Vaughan Clarkson


Magdalena Salazar Palma

Past Chair

Vincenzo Piuri

Program Committee Chair

Stefan Mozar

Local Organizing Committee Chair

Edhem Custovic

Fund Raising Committee Chair

Mary Ellen Randall

Vice President,

Member and Geographic Activities

Martin Bastiaans

Vice President – Elect, Member and Geographic Activities

Costas Stasopoulos

MGA Geographic Unit Operations Committee Chair

Kukjin Chun

Region 10 Director

Cecelia Jankowski

MGA Secretary