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April 09 - 11, 2021




1500 global participants


18 Professional Speakers

Sections Congress Virtual Training 2021

IEEE Sections Congress, the triennial flagship event hosted by MGA, brings together the volunteer leaders from every member country to share ideas and solutions. IEEE Sections Congress is going virtual and you are invited to attend!

Volunteer leaders from around the world will meet virtually, exchange ideas, and learn about the products and programs IEEE offers to members in their local areas. Once the virtual training session is over, volunteers can apply what they have learned and bring new ideas and insights to their Sections, Chapters, and Affinity Groups.

There will be dynamic and engaging networking sessions that will allow for exchanging ideas and best practices. IEEE organizational units will offer exhibit booths that will provide information on IEEE resources and tools to strengthen and support vital units.

As an IEEE volunteer and a vital member, save the date to attend Sections Congress Virtual Training 2021. This virtual event will take place from 9-11 April 2021.


About IEEE SC 2020



Network and build relationships with other volunteers within IEEE



To provide an opportunity for delegates to gain information and training skills

Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Collectively shape the future and goals of IEEE

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